RUPA's Launch of the Women's Medal For Excellence - BDO/RUPA Rugby Players Lunch

Recognised as one of the most anticipated events on the Rugby calendar, the 2023 BDO/RUPA Rugby Players Lunch will now see the introduction of a new 'Women's Medal for Excellence'.

The launch of the Women's Medal for Excellence acknowledges the female athletes who are part of the Australian Rugby Union Super Rugby and Wallaroos RUPA playing membership. The award will be presented by Buildcorp, RUPA's Partner and Wallaroos Sponsor, who have been proud partners of Australian Rugby Union for over 30 years. The medal is awarded to a female rugby player who exemplifies leadership, on-field performance, off-field application to the community and overall excellence in Australian Rugby.

Women’s XV Player Director, Emily Chancellor says:

"We love the creation of an award that acknowledges the women's growth and presence in the game. By establishing this Medal for Excellence for an athlete who contributes both on and off the field, we are recognising the many fabulous women in this game and their commitment to it. To create an award for the players, elected by the players, demonstrates a commitment to the women's XV game along with all other facets of the game they play in Heaven".

RUPA CEO, Justin Harrison says:

"The Womens Medal for Excellence is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and commitment of the many athletes that participate and excel in their chosen sport, importantly, it is not only a recognition of on field athletic prowess, this award looks to amplify and reward the person inside the athlete on her journey and pursuit of excellence in all areas of their lives”.

For the Women’s Medal for Excellence, there will be two nominations from each team. Players vote on the nominated players to realise an eventual winning athlete.


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BDO/RUPA Rugby Players Lunch

When: 12.00PM, November 16

Where: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 101 Phillip Street, Sydney