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About Accreditation
As part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Rugby Australia, RUPA administers the Player Agent Accreditation Scheme.

The scheme is designed to ensure all Australian Rugby players are represented by agents who have undergone an extensive accreditation process to guarantee their competence in acting for and on behalf of players – both amateur and professional.

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The RUPA Agent Accreditation Scheme is designed to ensure that those agents accredited have:

- a thorough knowledge of the industrial relations framework in which Australia’s rugby players are employed;

- a thorough understanding of the regulations, bye-laws and codes which apply to Rugby players;

- attended mandatory Agent workshops & conferences as directed by the Scheme; and

- an understanding of and adherence to the ethics, ethos and culture of Australian Rugby generally.

Who has to join?

Any Agent who wishes to represent, advise, counsel or assist players in individual contract negotiations with any Rugby Body and/or seeking consent for the use of the Player’s intellectual property in commercial activities as required by the CBA.

Players may represent themselves or have a member of their immediate family represent them in negotiations.

Key features of the Accreditation Scheme

These include:

- an Accreditation Board that oversees the accreditation process;

- a Code of Conduct that regulates the behaviour of agents;

- stringent criteria for application;

- an annual compulsory professional development course and an exam;

- requirement to use Standard Player Agent Agreement with all players;

- professional indemnity insurance requirements;

- an Independent Appeals Tribunal by which Player Agents may appeal Board decisions.

Accredited Agents’ benefits

Agents who meet all the requirements and pass the exam will become accredited and then be entitled to the following:

- a certificate of recognition (upon completion of Professional Development Workshop);

- acknowledgment on the RUPA website of his/her accreditation along with contact details;

- regular updates on RUPA and RA affairs and other relevant information that will assist their day to day business;

- advice from RUPA, and RA from time to time, on various changes to industry practice;

- advice from RUPA and RA on the CBA interpretation;

- invitation to attend the Annual RUPA Professional Development Workshops; and

- regular e-mails from RUPA updating them on all necessary information relevant to them and their players.

If you have any questions regarding the Player Agent Accreditation Scheme, please contact Alex Grygiel.