For Agents

Becoming Accredited

Under the terms of the Player Agent Accreditation Scheme, all Australian Rugby Bodies may not negotiate any Rugby contracts or provide consent for intellectual property use of a player, with any agent who is not accredited.

Accreditation is a 5-step process:

Step 1

Complete the Player Agent Accreditation Application Form.

All applications must also include:

- a Certificate of Currency of Professional Indemnity Insurance

- two references

Step 2

Upon receipt, applicants will be sent:

- an invoice for the $500 application fee

- upon payment, a link to complete the online application exam which requires applicants to successfully demonstrate their understanding of their legal duties and obligations, as well as interpret key Rugby AU and World Rugby policies they and their players are bound by

Step 3

Upon successfully completing the application exam, all applications are sent to the Player Agent Accreditation Board for their review.

Subject to a successful review by the Player Agent Accreditation Board, applicants are Provisionally Accredited. This status enables the applicant to commence practicing as an Accredited Player Agent, however, is contingent upon the applicant completing Step 4.

Step 4

All Provisionally Accredited Agents must attend the next compulsory Player Agent Accreditation Conference held by RUPA.

They must also pay the Yearly Accreditation Fee of $1,200. This can be reduced on a pro-rata basis. Invoices will be sent by RUPA upon your Provisional Accreditation being granted.

Step 5

Having attended the workshop and paid the remainder of the year's Accreditation Fee, applicants become an officially Accredited Player Agent.

In order to maintain Accreditation, all Agents must continue to:

- attend the annual Player Agent Accreditation Conference

- successfully complete the annual Player Agent Accreditation Exam, questions are based on the key workplace documents, Collective Bargaining Agreement, and other Player and Agent Codes of Conduct and Regulations, including the Standard Player Agent Agreement.

- pay their Annual Player Agent Accreditation Fee.

Failure to do any of the above will result in a suspension of an Agent's Accreditation.

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