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The Advantage Line Player Development Program

The RUPA Advantage Line Player Development Program (PDP) commenced in 2001, providing direct and specialist support to professional players, past and present.

The program is implemented directly within each professional program by a full-time Player Development Manager (PDM), employed by RUPA but embedded within each team setup.

There are six key pillars which have been identified within the PDP. These pillars are:


The launching pad of the program starts at the Buildcorp Induction camp for first year contracted players. The induction process is designed to increase a players capacity to adapt to their new environment. Click here to see highlights from the 2023 Buildcorp Induction Camp.

A Player Development Program Committee has been established as a collaboration between RUPA and the governing bodies. Click here to see who is currently serving on the PDP Committee.

For information on the Player Development Program, contact James Holbeck.