For Players


Having invested considerable time and resource into analysis of local and international insurance products and other professional sporting policies throughout the course of 2011, a restructured mix of policies was launched on 1 February 2012 to cover all professional players during 2012 and beyond.

The new group insurance policy mix delivers players with a level of coverage for catastrophic injuries which is more beneficial than ever before. However, it did come at an additional expense, and required a substantially higher investment to fund the policy.

In an Australian first, the RUPA membership unanimously agreed to endorse and contribute to the 2012 Group Insurance Policy, with each contracted player committing to a small % deduction of their total annual base salary to fund the policies’ income protection component. This policy remains in place today, through RUPA's Insurance Partner Gallagher.

Group Insurance Policy

Players are presently covered by three policies.

  • Rugby Australia Sports Injury Policy: offering training and playing coverage for accidental death and spinal injuries.
  • Professional Player Capital Benefits: offering additional 24/7 coverage for accidental death and severe spinal injuries.
  • Professional Player Income Protection: offering 24/7 coverage for players who suffer a single, accidental career-ending injury.

A more comprehensive overview of these policies is available here. For more information, contact Alex Grygiel.