New Partnership Between RUPA and Everything Mental Toughness: Elevating Player Development with MTQPlus Assessment

Mon, Jun 24, 2024, 11:39 PM
by Rupa Staff

RUPA has announced a strategic partnership with Everything Mental Toughness, a leading provider of psychological assessment tools to develop mental skills for life. This collaboration introduces the MTQPlus Assessment to the rugby community, aiming to enhance players' mental fortitude and life skills both on and off the field.

Leadership and Mental Toughness Expert, and Managing Director of Everything Mental Toughness, Paul Lyons, says:

“Everything Mental Toughness is proud to partner with RUPA to provide mental toughness measures and development resources to their members as part of the RUPA Player Development Program. We believe we can assist RUPA members to develop valuable life skills through the mental toughness framework"

The MTQPlus Assessment is a robust psychometric tool designed to measure mental toughness, an essential trait for success in high-pressure environments such as professional sports. MTQPlus evaluates four key components: Control, Commitment, Challenge, and Confidence. These elements collectively contribute to an individual's ability to handle stress, overcome challenges, stay committed to goals, and maintain self-belief.

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Control assesses how players perceive their influence over their own lives and emotions. Players with high control scores are more likely to manage stress effectively, maintain emotional stability, and exhibit resilience during challenging situations.

Commitment measures the extent to which players set goals and work persistently towards achieving them. This trait is crucial for long-term success, as it encourages players to stay focused and motivated, even when faced with setbacks or prolonged efforts.

Challenge gauges players’ perception of change and difficulty. Those who score high in this area view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than threats. This mindset fosters adaptability and continuous improvement, which are vital in the ever-evolving landscape of professional sports.

Confidence evaluates players’ belief in their abilities and interpersonal interactions. High confidence levels enable players to assert themselves effectively, build positive relationships, and maintain a strong self-image, essential for both personal and professional development.

The partnership with Everything Mental Toughness extends beyond the assessment itself. RUPA members will have access to tailored workshops, coaching sessions, and resources designed to foster mental resilience. These initiatives will help players apply the insights gained from the MTQPlus Assessment to real-life scenarios, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the pressures of professional sports and beyond.

RUPA General Manager for Player Development and Wallaby #737 James Holbeck says:

“The rugby environment aims to develop people with a ‘can do’ attitude and the MTQPlus therefore allows the program to measure and develop specific factors that contribute to performance both on and off the field. We are however not using the tool for directly developing sporting high-performance but rather to enable players to see that the same foundational skills of on-field performance also contribute to personal success and healthy relationships in their own life, away from the field. By leveraging off this relationship between performance and skills for life, we think players working on the constructs of the MTQPlus will be motivated to develop into more rounded and adaptable individuals.”